Build a Drone

The Technomancers worked with our local Radioshack during its Build-A-Drone event. Members of the team helped to supervise and build drones with people in our community, sharing valuable knowledge, skills, and experiences with different people. After working hard and learning from the experience, participants were able to take their new drones home. The Technomancers hope to cooperate with Radioshack further around the event and in the near future, such as by holding exhibitions near the store to increase the store's and the team's popularity, allowing people to drive our robots in safe environments.

Teen Tech Week

The Technomancers were invited by the Florence County Library to help celebrate Teen Tech Week! On Saturday, March 11, the Technomancers hosted demonstrations of our robot and discussed robotics with interested parents and students in the afternoon. Members of the team talked about joining or becoming involved with the team's activities. The event was open to all students in 6th to 12th grade and their families. We plan to do this again in 2018 and hold an even better event to reach out to more students.