About the Technomancers

FIRST Team 1758 the Technomancers is made up of students from the three Florence School District One high schools. Since 2005, FSD1 has sponsored the team, providing funding, facilities, and teacher support. We were generously given a workplace at the Florence Career Center by Principal Al Bradley, providing us with ample space, tools, and equipment needed to develop students' skills while working on projects for competitions and impacting the community. Our sponsors, including GE and Otis, have also provided much-appreciated funding and volunteers to serve as the students' mentors. The Technomancers encourage hands-on participation from all members, enabling students to gain skills applicable in college and the workplace. We provide students with exposure to welding, programming, mechanical design, and more to boost their abilities and support their futures. Members of FRC Team 1758 have gone on to attend universities like Georgia Tech, Brown, Duke, MIT, UPenn, and Clemson, majoring in STEM fields and finding work with incredible companies like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Team's Operation

The team is led by student captains and guided by wonderful mentors with experience in various areas. Within the team, there are various groups focused on specific things vital to the team's success in community outreach and in competitions, such as the build team, the programming team, the welding team, the design team, and the Chairman's team. We also have members dedicated to reaching out to companies and organizations in our community for potential sponsorships and for ways to positively contribute to our community.

Our Mission

As an FRC team, we strive to provide opportunities for students to learn and develop skills in both STEM and in life. Some employees of our sponsors are generous enough to volunteer as mentors for our students, teaching us how to use and interact with incredible software, hardware, and power tools. Even above striving for results, we emphasize the importance of having fun and staying positive when interacting with other teammates and students at competitions and in general.